Super Tug | Strong Tug Toy for Dogs

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The Super Tug is a tug toy that wraps around a tree or something very sturdy so your dog can play tug of war. This tug toy comes with a nylon belt and carabiner which wraps around the base and has a 1/4" thick bungee cord with a fleece hand braided tug toy lure on the end. The belt wraps around the tree. The bungee cord allows for tugging and the soft yet durable fleece lure is what the dog bites and holds on to. 

This is great for

✅ Extreme pullers and tuggers

✅ Dogs that like to play alone 

✅ Dogs that like to dissect or rip toys and fabrics

✅ Exercising 

✅ Training - You can put drop it, take it, and tug on cue by using this toy. 

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