Snuffle Mat Connect
Snuffle Mat Connect
Snuffle Mat Connect
Snuffle Mat Connect
Snuffle Mat Connect
Snuffle Mat Connect
Snuffle Mat Connect
Product image 1Snuffle Mat Connect
Product image 2Snuffle Mat Connect
Product image 3Snuffle Mat Connect
Product image 4Snuffle Mat Connect
Product image 5Snuffle Mat Connect
Product image 6Snuffle Mat Connect
Product image 7Snuffle Mat Connect

Snuffle Mat Connect

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Snuffle Mat Connects are slow feeding mats that dogs search for food in. The flanges trap the food and the dog will have to move the flanges around with their nose to get the food out. This action stimulates your dog and releases pleasurable endorphins as they are snuffling around on the Snuffle Mat Connect. 

The Snuffle Mat Connect isn't any ordinary Snuffle Mat. A Snuffle Mat Connect connects to other Snuffle Mat Connects. You can attach as many as you want together by snapping the grooves on the plastic bottom together. 

Daily enrichment is important for any dog but, it's also important for other domestic animals like cats, pigs, or even rabbits. If it eats dry food, it can use the Snuffle Mat Connect

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