ROAM Crocodile Jerky

ROAM Crocodile Jerky

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Roam Crocodile Jerky

This dog treat is 100% crocodile jerky meat. Dogs thrive when give novel food items regularly. It's like a human. We don't like to eat the same foods every single day and neither does your dog. Switch it up with these crocodile jerky treats. 

These large reptiles produce a remarkably healthy meat. It’s mild flavored and firm in texture; it has significantly fewer calories, less fat content and less cholesterol than more traditional meats.

It provides higher levels of protein, making it a more heart-friendly white meat alternative.

An additional benefit in pet treats is that the food allergy/intolerance risk to dogs associated with alligator meat is very low relative to poultry and beef. That makes crocodile meat a no brainer for dogs that are allergic to chicken or beef. 


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