Rabbit Pelts | Chasing Lure for Flirt Poles

Quantity: 1 Rabbit Skin
Sale price$11.99


Is your dog not interested in toys? Use a rabbit skin to bring your dog back to life. You'll see your dog's interest peak through the roof if you bring out a rabbit skin. We attach the rabbit skins to the end of the flirt poles and our dogs go bonkers! So does every other dog we introduce rabbit skins to. 

As a certified dog trainer I see unmotivated or fearful dogs all the time when I go to my clients' homes. I can count on 1 hand the number of times a dogdidn't go crazy for these rabbit pelts. They will make any dog motivated to play, chase, and have fun. And that is the key to having a mentally healthy dog. 

Purchase 20 and receive an automatic $24 discount (2 free rabbit skins)

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