Nylon Antler Chew Peanut Butter

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Pet Qwerks Chicken Flavored Nylon Antler Dog Chew Toys are designed to provide a safe alternative to a natural favorite. Proudly Made in USA. Inspired by real elk and deer antlers, these nylon options provide a safe alternative to a natural favorite by eliminating the risk of sharp bone fragments and broken teeth. These durable chews allow your aggressive chewer dogs to channel his natural instincts while working to scrub and scrape away plaque and tartar for fresher kisses when he’s done. Made from 100% nylon, these antlers are preservative and chemical-free and are generously flavored with Chicken human-grade flavoring for a lip-smacking, tail-wagging good time.

Give your dog a chew toy that they’ll love to play with every day. And why not add some exciting flavors into the mix? Reward good dogs with Chicken Flavored Antlers which combine beloved delicious flavors with replicated Antler shapes and texture for endless variety of chewing enjoyment. Give an Antler to your good doggie to keep him occupied while you’re busy, or use it to play a game of fetch – either way, your furry friend will be thanking you for the delicious and fun treat.

All Nylon Antler Chew Toys are 100% made in USA. All components are sourced in the USA, FDA-compliant.

Great Benefits:

  • ✓ Giving your dog non-edible bones also massages their gums and provides scraping action on their teeth, much like a dental hygienist descaling the plaque from human teeth.
  • ✓ It helps healthy chewing and makes for a more entertaining experience
  • ✓ It discourages destructive behavior when your dog gets bored.
  • ✓ Keeps dogs busy, happy, and satisfied with a savory Chicken flavor throughout.
  • ✓ Provide a safe alternative to a natural favorite by eliminating the risk of sharp bone fragments and broken teeth.
  • ✓ Satisfies their natural instinct to chew and encourages dental stimulation, which is good for oral health.

Choose the size that best suits your dog. If there are multiple dogs in your household, you should always buy the size suitable for the largest pet.

Don't freak out if your pup creates granules of nylon while chewing. These little rice size bits are usually not swallowed but if they are, they'll pass without a problem. For a satisfying chewing experience your dog needs to be able to do some damage to the chew. It needs to be scratchable. Glass hard nylon dog chew bones might not be favorite.

Size Recommendations:

Antler Chew Toy Sizing Guide
  • ✓ Small Antler Is Recommended for Dogs Up to 10 lbs or 4.5Kg
  • ✓ Medium Antler Is Recommended for Dogs Up to 30 lbs. or 13.5Kg
  • ✓ Large Antler Is Recommended for Dogs up 55 Lbs or 25Kg
  • ✓ XL Antler Is Recommended for Dogs up to 80 lbs or 36Kg
  • ✓ 100% Nylon, FDA-compliant with human-grade flavoring
  • ✓ Made in the USA

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