Mega Hush Plush | Shark

Mega Hush Plush | Shark

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Mega mutt hush plush dog toys are designed with a unique "ON/OFF" that gives pets more ways to play! Switch the swueaker ON for loud, racucous fun or OFF for gentle, quiet play. The choice is yours!

Activate squeaker by holding the body of the toy with one hand and pulling the tail of the toy with your free hand until you hear/feel it pop out. When it pops out the squeaker is disengaged giving you some much needed peace and quiet.

Warning: Any toy in our store can be destroyed by your dog. Please watch your dog carefully when playing with any toy or product sold by Best Buddy Dog Products and Best Buddy Dog Products' employees.


Small Shark: Length - 10"  Width - 3"

Large Shark: Length - 13" Width - 4"

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