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Lickit Buddy Rescue
Lickit Buddy Rescue
Lickit Buddy Rescue
Lickit Buddy Rescue
Lickit Buddy Rescue
Lickit Buddy Rescue
Lickit Buddy Rescue
Lickit Buddy Rescue
Lickit Buddy Rescue
Lickit Buddy Rescue
Lickit Buddy Rescue
Product image 1Lickit Buddy Rescue
Product image 2Lickit Buddy Rescue
Product image 3Lickit Buddy Rescue
Product image 4Lickit Buddy Rescue
Product image 5Lickit Buddy Rescue
Product image 6Lickit Buddy Rescue
Product image 7Lickit Buddy Rescue
Product image 8Lickit Buddy Rescue
Product image 9Lickit Buddy Rescue
Product image 10Lickit Buddy Rescue
Product image 11Lickit Buddy Rescue

Lickit Buddy Rescue

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Dog Toy for Rescue and Shelter Dogs

This lick pad for dogs is our way of giving back to rescues and shelters. Licking isn't a bad thing and doesn't just happen when your dog is allergic to something. Licking is very healthy and beneficial to your dog or cat and licking a lick pad is great for relieving anxiety, curbing destructive behavior, redirecting licking and calming your dog during stressful times. Studies show, repetitive licking releases pleasurable endorphins in your dogs brain that calms AND reduces stress & boredom. 

The Lickit Buddy Rescue is a heart shaped lick pad for dogs has 53 suction cups to prevent your dog from chewing it, is unique in it's shape and size but, more so in its purpose.

Here at Best Buddy Dog Products we care deeply about our local rescues and shelters and as certified dog trainers we train mainly with dogs that have been rescued or have been rehomed multiple times.

These dogs often are moving to 3 and 4 different homes a year and their lives are unstable and stressful and therefore require more time and training than most dogs.

These dogs hold a large piece of our hearts we want to show our support of the local shelters and rescues by donating 5% of all proceeds from the Lickit Buddy Rescue. 

We are currently donating to Calvert County Humane Society in Calvert County Maryland, USA. 

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