Lickit Buddy 'Relax'
Lickit Buddy 'Relax'
Lickit Buddy 'Relax'
Lickit Buddy 'Relax'
Lickit Buddy 'Relax'
Lickit Buddy 'Relax'
Lickit Buddy 'Relax'
Product image 1Lickit Buddy 'Relax'
Product image 2Lickit Buddy 'Relax'
Product image 3Lickit Buddy 'Relax'
Product image 4Lickit Buddy 'Relax'
Product image 5Lickit Buddy 'Relax'
Product image 6Lickit Buddy 'Relax'
Product image 7Lickit Buddy 'Relax'

Lickit Buddy 'Relax'

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Our large pineapple shaped lick pad for medium to large dogs has 66 suction cups on the back to keep your dog from pulling it off of the tub or wall!

This lick pad is great because it stays on the wall for hours. Stick it to your fridge, a sliding glass door, or your tub and leave. Take your Lickit Buddy to the vet visit and suction it to the exam table

Some people are fortunate to be able to take their dogs everywhere with them but, there are many awesome dog owners out there that just aren't able to take their dogs with them and the summers can get mighty hot and lonely for the puppers.

Spread a tasty treat on your Lickit Buddy Relax, freeze and serve before you leave, while you are eating, or while your guests are over for a party. This lick pad will relax, calm and soothe your dog to sleep during storms, parties, or to just end the day on a great note!

SIZE: 11" TALL 6.25" WIDE 

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