Lickit Buddy Relax | Lick Pad with Suction Cups for Grooming & Vet Visits

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Slow Feeding Enrichment Toy for Calming Dogs

This lick pad the largest Lickit Buddy we offer. This is our go-to distraction for getting our clients' dogs to relax on the fly. Licking isn't always a bad thing and doesn't just happen when your dog is allergic to something. Licking can be a very healthy and beneficial behavior to your dog or cat. 

Providing your dog or cat with a lick pad is a great way to give your pets an outlet for licking

In return, you are providing a great outlet for relieving anxiety, curbing destructive behavior, redirecting licking and calming your dog during stressful times.

Thats because studies show repetitive licking releases pleasurable endorphins in your dogs brain that calms AND reduces stress & boredom. This is why dogs lick so much. Licking is soothing. Licking is calming. Licking helps them sleep better, feel better, and digest food better. There are many powers to licking and your dog's saliva. 

Find out more about that here 

The Lickit Buddy Relax is a pineapple shaped lick pad for medium to large dogs has 66 suction cups on the back to keep your dog from pulling it off of the tub or wall

Some people are fortunate to be able to take their dogs everywhere with them but, there are many awesome dog owners out there that just aren't able to take their dogs with them and the summers can get mighty hot and lonely for the puppers.

Spread a tasty treat on your Lickit Buddy Relax, freeze and serve before you leave, while you are eating, or while your guests are over for a party. This lick pad will relax, calm and soothe your dog to sleep during storms, parties, or to just end the day on a great note!

SIZE: 11" TALL 6.25" WIDE 

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