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Our replacement Lures for the Flirt Pole V2 are made of 100% polyester webbing, extremely durable, resistant to outdoor elements, and machine washable.

Our real-life lures are real rabbit skins. We do not hunt these but, we do support trappers and hunters here in America. < Why get one? The rabbit skins are for dogs who are not as easily motivated by play or dogs that are more food motivated than they are toy motivated. If you want to see your dog run like you've never seen them run before, buy one of these rabbit skins and zip tie it to the end of your flirt pole bungee string. 

With a double layer loop at one end, 4 floppy tassels, and an overall length of about 12.5 inches, it also makes a great toy to toss around for a game of fetch. Available in two color combinations, each with 2 heavy duty squeakers sewn into the tassels.

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