Best Buddy Dog Products Clicker
Best Buddy Dog Products Clicker
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Best Buddy Dog Products Clicker

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Our Best Buddy Dog Products Box Clickers are unique in the sound they make. The "click" is louder than a tear drop clicker or a flat clicker. The box shape allows the clicker to have a louder "click" than other clickers. We feel like this is an advantage when you are out with your dog in public or at the park with a puppy and you want to mark a behavior, out in the busy world, a puppy is very distracted but, a distinctive click will definitely register when you want to tell the puppy, yes, do that again!

Clicker training is the quickest way to the best results - says certified dog trainer Jeff Causby, CTDI, ABCDT.

Clicker training is the best way to train because your dog doesn't have to process the click, like it would a word marker, like "yes" or "good boy". We use the click to mark behaviors and then switch over to other forms of marking. If you are interested in learning how to clicker train your dog, cat, or pet pig please sign up for our email, and email us with the subject "I want to learn clicker training" so that we can let you know when our courses for clicker training are available. You will learn everything from A-Z about clicker training/marker training, obedience training, trick training, service dog pre-requisites, loose leash walking, and how to get rid of any problem behavior you have ever dealt with. Email us at info@bestbuddydogproducts.com

P.s. If your dog is scared of the clicker please do not give up! Just contact us at the email provided and we will help your dog not only overcome their fear of the clicker but, we will get your dog to LOVE the clicker. 

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