Best Buddy Dog Training Leash 30' Long

30ft Dog Training Leash with Padded Handle

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Our training leads are made from woven nylon

Size Options: 30' only (thirty feet)

What's it good for?

  • Perfect for transitioning into off-leash with your dog. 
  • Use it for potty training when you don't have a fence and it's raining. Stand at the door and your dog can go out 30'
  • Gives your dog a sens of being free without the risk of actually being off leash. This is something you would do at a big open park/field or even an empty parking lot if you live in the city

Whether you are training a puppy or an adult dog you ALWAYS want to have them on leash when you begin their obedience training journey. In order to have off-leash control with your dog/pup you must first obtain on-leash control. This means you must teach your dog how to do these behaviors on a leash first. After your dog becomes comfortable with the behaviors and can perform them 80%-90% of the time then you should practice off-leash. This is where the 30' leash comes in handy. The procedure for obtaining off-leash control is to transition into being off-leash instead of just taking your dog off-leash and going outside and praying your behaviors to work. 1st you take your dog out on a 30' leash to see how they behave. This is also why its important to start out training your dog on a leash, even if you train primarily inside. The reason is that if you train inside and your dog is off-leash while you are training inside you will have a very difficult time getting your dog to perform the same behaviors outside and on leash.

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