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Our Values

A Commitment to Providing Equipment for Positive Dog Training Without Fear

 Best Buddy Dog Products operates with a positive-only approach to dog training. As a result, we don't sell martingale, prong, shock or choke chains. The reason is simply that we would never use these products in our training with our own clients. We're only willing to sell what we use. All products are shipped to you directly from Maryland, USA.

As part of our mission to help owners and dogs live happily in harmony, we are continually updating and improving our offerings to help people deal with the big issues facing dogs today. We don't see our mission ending at just helping people to train their dogs. We see it as our personal responsibility as experienced trainers to help people live the best lives possible with their dogs. This is why we work so hard to offer equipment that helps owners succeed in rehabilitating their dogs, training their dogs or helping rescue dogs feel safe and secure.

Our Mission



Best Buddy Dog Products strives to provide the best lineup of dog products that have all been carefully curated by certified dog trainers passionate about canine wellness. Unlike most pet companies, we know dogs first and foremost from the trainer's perspective. That means that we understand why certain toys and training products will or won't work for dogs. Every product we offer is designed to provide dogs with the best experiences while making it easier for owners to train and bond with their dogs.

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