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From Real-Life Dog Trainers to You

 Founded by certified dog trainers seeking a better way to source products for their own treasured clients, Best Buddy Dog Products helps today's compassionate and devoted dog owners find products they can use with confidence. Our USA-based company proudly ships all orders from our facility in Maryland. We strive to:


  • Help dog owners be educated about what's best for their dogs.
  • Empower dog owners to make the best choices for their dogs.
  • Provide access to high-quality, curated dog products shipped straight from our company in Maryland.
  • Never sacrifice quality for profit.

 From a trainer's perspective, the dog toys and gear found at most mainstream pet-store chains simply aren't effective at solving common dog problems. What's more, the brands that do offer effective toys often price them beyond what's affordable for the average dog owner. When shopping for our own training, we found it hard to find items essential for effective training, such as 30-foot leashes, flirt poles, lick mats and lick pads with suction cups. When we could find these products, we noticed that they were really expensive. That’s when we decided to start selling our own products.

 We created an entire lineup of affordable, enjoyable dog toys and accessories that help with issues like bloat, resource guarding and separation anxiety because your dog deserves products for living the best canine life. Our Lickit Buddy lick pads with suction cups are consistently in high demand from customers around the country.

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 One of the big problems we observed over and over again during our training careers was that dogs would quickly rip up the items that their owners purchased for them. Once we began sourcing our own toys and equipment for training, we saw that training was easier and more effective because the toys being used were actually serving their purposes.

 We were so passionate about providing dog owners with the best toys and products possible that we started off by charging only what we paid for products. We just wanted our clients to get the most out of the money and time they were putting into training their dogs. Word quickly caught on among dog owners that not all toys and training products are equal after seeing our results. By popular demand, Best Buddy Pet Products was created!

 We are certified dog trainers who still actively train and teach dogs every single week! When you visit Best Buddy Dog Products online, you're accessing information we've compiled through years of education and practice. It all comes straight from our passion for dogs to your home!

Get to Know the Trainers Behind Best Buddy Dog Products

 We Are Certified Dog Trainers Devoted to Bringing Your Dog the Best Products Available

 Owned and operated by Jeffrey Causby and April Schrader, Best Buddy Dog Products is a company born of a passion for creating a safe, enjoyable bond between owner and dog. In our years of professional training, we've seen the impact that quality, appropriate products can have on helping dogs feel secure and confident during training. Every product in our curated collection has been carefully selected to provide dogs with what they need based on canine psychology and habits. Both Jeffrey and April have earned numerous certifications for dog training and behavior. While both continue to train at the professional level today, Best Buddy Dog Products has become a phenomenon among pet owners looking for a better way to source dog products from a team that knows and loves dogs as much as they do!


About Jeffrey Causby, CTDI, ABCDT

 As a CTDI-certified Trick Dog Instructor, Jeffrey is trained to teach dogs more than 300 different behaviors. This high-level training covers specialty "tricks" like training dogs to carry groceries, teaching dogs to skateboard or empowering dogs to wake up their owners when they are having nightmares. As a result of this intensive, highly specialized certification process, Jeffrey has learned things about dog behaviors and psychology that very few humans ever dive into. This information serves as fuel for selecting the best products to help dogs succeed in training, make connections with their owners and enjoy their home lives.


In addition, Jeffrey is an Animal Behavior Certified Dog Trainer. This training has equipped him to understand how to handle frustrating dog problems that often leave dog owners confounded. In his role as an active dog trainer, he routinely helps owners solve issues related to jumping, furniture surfing, running away, refusing to stay and obedience miscommunications. Jeffrey is also an AKC CGC Evaluator certified to train owners and their dogs to work in a service capacity. As an evaluator, he also works to help dogs achieve the prestigious Canine Good Citizen designation that requires dogs to pass tests in public areas without the use of food.


About April Schrader, CPDT-KA

 April holds the designation of being a member of the CPDT-KA Council of Certified Professional Dog Trainers, Knowledge Assessed. This elite certification is very difficult to attain because it requires a mastery of animal psychology, husbandry and more.

 Both Jeffery and April prioritize personalized service because there's nothing impersonal about a shared passion for dogs. We take customer satisfaction seriously! Please email the Best Buddy Dog Products team with any questions or concerns to hear from us!

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