Tug & Fetch Toys

Safe & Durable Dog Toys Made In USA 

Playing tug of war or fetch with your dog can be the most beneficial activity you do with your dog. Both tug and fetch expend a great deal of energy physically but, it also is a great way to expend your dog's mental energy. Bonding with your new puppy or rescue dog is so much easier when you introduce games that involve your interaction. Exercise your dog before training and you will see a major improvement in your training session. 
Tug-O-War & Fetch should be part of your dog's daily routine!
Benefits of playing these games with your dogs are
  • Bond faster & stronger with your dog 
  • Physical & Mental exercise
  • Helps get off of food as a reward for training
  • Promotes coming to you & being with you when you are outside
  • Teach new behaviors & strengthen old ones
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