Treat Dispensing Toys

Treat Dispensing Toys for Pets 

are toys that dispense food as they are being pushed around by your dog or any pet really. All animals need enrichment especially dogs. 

To use your treat dispensing toy, simply fill or load the toy up with food and watch your dog have a blast playing with the toy as little pieces of food fall out every now and then keeping your pet entertained and stress-free. 

As certified dog trainers we literally will not do a course with someone without recommending these items to their dogs. It's not just for keeping your dog entertained or occupied, there are many more benefits to using a treat dispensing toy instead of using a bowl to feed your dog.

Key benefits include:

1. Preventing bloat, by slowing down the eating process. When dogs eat too fast like they do when they eat from a regular bowl, they inhale air. They inhale harmful air that can cause their stomachs to expand and overturn inside of their bodies, closing off any food coming in or any food/liquids going out and the dog will pass away from this.

2. Entertains AND Reduces Stress & Anxiety when you need it most; like in the morning when you get ready for work, when the family is together watching movies & your dog is acting out, or for when you eat dinner. 

3. Enriches your dog's environment which reduces stress, anxiety, boredom. 

Pro Tip*                                                                                                                    Bad behaviors come from certain needs not being met in your dog's life.

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