Lickit Buddy™️

The Lickit Buddy series should not be confused with the LickiMats. Lickit Buddy & Lickimat are two different companies and should be treated as such. 

The Lickit Buddy is made from food grade silicone and has 37 suction cups on the small and 100 suction cups on the larger models. 

The Lickit Buddy comes in 4 different products 

1) Lickit Buddy SM & LRG - 2 sizes 6" + 8" in diameter. These models are round shaped with 37-50 suction cups on the back

2) Lickit Buddy Focus - 1 size only and this model is square shaped with raised bones on the front and 100 suction cups on the back. 

3) Lickit Buddy Rescue - 1 size only & this model is shaped like a heart with the XO pattern on the front and 57 suction cups on the back < This lick pad was designed with giving back to the rescues, shelters and humane societies in mind. We will be giving back 10% of all sales related to the Lickit Buddy Rescue. That means if you buy the Lickit Buddy Rescue and you purchase other items, we will also donate 10% of those items as well to Rescues, Shelters, and Humane Societies. If you know a Rescue, Shelter, or Humane Society that you would like to see us donate to, please reach out to Jeff at info@bestbuddydogproducts.com

4) Lickit Buddy Relax - 1 size only & this model is shaped like a pineapple

These products were designed and have a patent pending status held by Jeffrey Causby of Best Buddy Dog Products

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