LickiMat Boredom Busters

Our LickiMat boredom buster Line is both a challenging and rewarding system that not only engages your pet for a long period of time but, it also works as a calming method for fearful, stressed or overly anxious dogs and cats. The key-factor here is the licking. Licking releases pleasurable and calming endorphins in your pets body.

Lickimats are designed to serve as an inexpensive alternative to hiring a certified dog trainer/dog behaviorist. "It's like having a trainer by our sides at all times" says, Certified Dog Trainers Jeff C, CTDI, ABCDT & April Schrader, CPDT-KA. The entire line of Lickimats provide endless amounts of canine enrichment and stimulation right when you need it the most. So, sit back, watch a movie or enjoy a beg-free meal. You deserve it!  Being an AWESOME Dog Parent is not easy let LickiMats be your extra hand in raising your dog.

Attn: You do not want to discourage licking. It is the main thing that dogs do to calm down. They lick. That is because as they are licking endorphins are released into their bodies calming them down AND making them feel less stressed and  anxious. 

Other benefits include: 

Easily give your dog medicine by mixing it into their food or xylitol-free pb and spreading it over the lick mat.

  • Freeze and serve when you want to watch a movie or enjoy some alone time
  • Freeze and serve when you want to eat dinner without a begging dog by your table
  • Stick it on the side of your tub to distract your dog during bath time. 
  • Use it at the grooming facility or Use it when you go to your Vet Clinic. 

Use your Lickimat Boredom Buster when you have guests coming over and you want to get them in the front door without your dog jumping and licking them to death...use the lickimat to keep your dog distracted until after they've entered and settled down. 

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