Lickit Buddy Rescue

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Dog Toy for Rescue and Shelter Dogs

The Lickit Buddy Rescue is a lick pad with suction cups for dogs. The 53 suction cups prevent your dog from chewing it or carrying it around.

This unique lick pad was designed specifically for rescue & shelter dogs or dogs but can also be used for grooming, entertaining/occupying, & it's great for getting your dogs to love Vet visits.

It sticks right to the exam table, the grooming tub, or your bathtub. It sticks to anything smooth. Just make sure to get the suction cups wet and also wet the area you are sticking it to. Water makes the suction stronger. 

This lick pad will help your dog feel calm, safe, and comfortable with you and their new environment. The reason it helps in that way is that it promotes licking. Licking doesn't always mean allergies. Licking is actually very beneficial to your dog or cat. 

Find out more about why dogs lick so much here > Licking Blog

And licking a lick pad is great for relieving anxiety, curbing destructive behavior, redirecting licking and calming your dog during stressful times. Studies show, repetitive licking releases pleasurable endorphins in your dogs brain that calms AND reduces stress & boredom. 


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