Best Buddy's Featured Dog Products

Our featured dog products are our most popular items & & we want you see them first! 

That's why we featured them. 

These items are also our personal & professional favorites! Oh and our dogs’ too!!! We not only use these dog products daily with our own puppies but, we also recommend them to each and every one of our dog training clients. 

  • The Lickimat - Redirect your dog's licking habits, entertain during COVID-19, Distract your dog during FIREWORKS OR STORMS, Great for separation anxiety & reducing stress & fear. 
  • The Tug Ring - Lightweight, easy on puppy teeth, the absolute perfect fetch & tug toy and our favorite by far. (We are lazy and this goes much further than a ball with a fraction of the effort)
  • Bob-A-Lot - Ditch your bowl & teach your dog how to earn their food with this treat dispensing toy that bobs back and forth with food intermittently falling out as your dog plays with it.
  • Snuffle Mats - We have two styles. Perfect for mental stimulation, slows meal time down to a fraction of the time, rainy days or just a really hyper dog! 
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