Nylon Chew Toys & Bones

For Dogs That Like To Chew

Not all nylon chews are the same. Some are hard, some are less hard & finding the most pleasing one for your dog can take some trial & error. Dogs are individuals just like humans. Super hard nylon bones are usually not the favorites. For a satisfying chewing experience your dog needs to be able to do some damage to the chew. It needs to be destroyable. More about this below.

Dogs have an innate desire to chew! Feed that desire with one of our amazing nylon bones or himalayan dog chews

  • You will never take that desire away but, if you feed that desire & provide an appropriate outlet (bones, chews, wood) & your dog will stop chewing your furniture, walls, shoes, etc.
  • Chewing exercises jaw muscles
  • Helps scrape away dental plaque
  • Provides relief from irritated gums when puppies are teething. It also helps to relive boredom. In the wild when dogs chew animal parts such as bones and tendons they also gain natural nutrients.
  • Providing something for your dog to chew on is an important part of dog care. Feeding appropriate chews allows you to manage the chewing behavior and satisfy the dogs innate desires. Otherwise items such as shoes, kid’s toys and furniture are likely to be targeted, which is both annoying and creates a risk to the dog from poisoning and injury.

We have found that providing a variety of chewing items such as barkbones, antler chews, and Himalayan yak chews to be the most effective way to eliminate destructive chewing. 

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