Udder Tug | Tug & Fetch Toy For Active Dogs

Udder Tug | Tug & Fetch Toy For Active Dogs

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Durable Tug & Fetch Toy With Rope

This udder tug by Best Buddy Dog Products is a stretchy yet durable tug toy for dogs that has a rope all the way through for easy gripping during those awesome games of tug you play with your dog.

Made from rope and the udder sucker liner from a cow milking machine which came from a dairy farm.

The smell from this toy is what will attract your dog the most. It won't stink up your house but, your dog will be able to smell the cow farm it came from.

Not only will your dog go crazy for this toy, it is one of a kind and cannot be found in any local pet stores. 

Certified Dog Trainer Approved

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