Snuffle Mat | Slow Feeding Enrichment Toy For Dogs & Cats

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The Best Slow Feeder for Separation Anxiety

Slow feeding snuffle mats Slow meal times down AND keep your dog busy & entertained during stressful times like storms or fireworks. Put your dog's dry kibble or treats in the snuffle mat and lightly shake it back and forth to get the kibble to fall to the bottom of the snuffle mat. This way, your dog will have to work harder to get the food out. 

 By giving your dog something like The Snuffle Mat, you are giving them a chance to do something that they have the urge to do.

It's called an innate desire. They can't help it. It's why they dig through your trash. It's why they are always "nosey," sniffing through everything,  dissecting paper towels, or forage through tall, thick brush. 

Most owners call these behaviors bad behaviors but, it is just a dog being a dog and doing what comes naturally to them. 

When you provide outlets for these urges, bad behaviors go away!

The snuffle mat addresses several behaviors that dogs do in your house that get them in trouble or can cause them harm.


Digging in trash

Getting in your things

Eating too fast

Unruly behavior 

Attacking the vacuum or broom while you clean

Bloat from eating too fast


Key benefits:

  • Reduces boredom, stress, AND anxiety
  • Occupies your dog while guests enter
  • Slows meal times down
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Great for rainy days
  • Provides an outlet for using scent to earn food
  • Keeps your dog occupied while you clean
  • Machine washable
  • It Can be made easy or hard depending on your dog 

Stop snuffling around and buy a snuffle mat!

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