Bark & Harvest Hydeout™️ Cheek Roll | Safe Alternative to Rawhide

Size: 1 Med. w/bully dust
Sale price$12.99


Safe & Natural Cheek Rolls For Dogs 

Safe & Natural Cheek Rolls For Dogs When is a rawhide not a rawhide? When it's a barking cheek roll! Dogs love to gnaw on this all-natural chew! AND the best part about it is, it's not RAWHIDE! It is absolutely 100% safe for your dog to chew, rip, and destroy. Watch them quickly lay down and just relax with their new favorite cheek roll chews. 

Did you know? Chewing, like licking, releases pleasurable endorphins in your dog's body and that helps your dog feel calm, happy, & relaxed. Just like you feel after running, exercising, or lifting weights. That's how dogs feel when their eyes are rolling in the back of their head as they chew and chew and chew. 

Made from 100% natural easily digestible cow cheek hide. 

Available in 10-12" and 5-6" sizes.

5-6" is Medium

10-12" is Large

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