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Why Your Dog Needs A Snuffle Mat

The Snuffle Mat is a toy with wide flanges that stick straight up, which hides the pieces of kibble or treats.

The snuffle mat flanges' purpose is to act as grass or obstacles for your dog's nose when trying to get the food out. The key here is to have the snuffle mat activity last as long as possible. Plus, it's fun for your dog to sniff their food out. 

You can dump the dog's entire meal or you can break it down into three or four session and use only a third or a fourth of their meal each session.

The reason why the snuffle mat works so well is because dogs have an innate desire to forage, hunt, sniff, burrow, dig, and explore their surroundings for food, animals, new scents, or for just straight up boredom.

If they have nothing to do they get into "trouble".

Here are some other Key Benefits to the Snuffle Mat

✅ Slows meal times down

 Eliminates the risk of bloat through eating

✅ Reduces stress during storms or fireworks 

✅ Replaces a metal bowl for meals

✅ It's equal to giving your child a movie when bored. 

✅ Occupies or distracts your dog while you clean, eat dinner, or watch t.v. 

Snuffle Mats & Canine Enrichment 101

When you consistently enrich your dogs life you are increasing their quality of life.......

You give your dog a high quality of life, you give them something to look forward to, you give them confidence, you give them life.

April and I (Jeff) are certified dog trainers. Together we hold 4 certifications. We can not tell you how many dogs we have seen depressed, moping around, destroying homes when the owner leaves, and just being a terror.

When we introduce the snuffle mat to these dogs their whole lives change, the way they get up in the morning, how excited they are to interact with you, they listen better, they go to sleep quicker at night, no more roomies at night, its a big deal when you can mentally exhaust your dog. It's like having a child after going to the waterpark all day or after going to Disney Land. 

Adding the snuffle mat to your dogs daily routine has brought many of our dog training clients great success with their puppies, kittens, and dogs. 

Use the drawstring on the round snuffle mat to close it halfway to make it more challenging or pull the drawstring to close it up all the way and throw it in the washing machine for a quick wash.

Snuffle Mat Instructions:

For adult dogs who are used to using their noses for food or who have used a snuffle mat before: you can close it up half way or a 1/4 closed to make it harder

For puppies or beginners: the best way is to open the round snuffle mat all the way. 

We carry two types of snuffle mats.

1) The round snuffle mat. Made with felt and it has a drawstring


2) The flat snuffle mat that has a plastic bottom where fleece is braided throughout the holes to create the flanges where you hide the food. With this snuffle mat you can connect it to the other snuffle mats that are like it. You can connect 4 or 16 snuffle mats.


By giving your dog something like The Snuffle Mat you are giving them a chance to do something that they have the urge to do every single day..It's why they dig through your trash, it's why they are so "nosey", it is the very reason why they spend so much time sniffing through tall grass & weeds we would never step foot in.



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  • Do the lick mats have suction to keep them in one place on the floor?

    Cathy J Bankes he
  • Do the lick mats have suction to keep them in one place on the floor?

    Cathy J Bankes he
  • My dog has significant anxiety and destroys EVERYTHING that is accessible to him when left alone during the day. That or he will carry it outside through the doggie door. I like the idea of this and the lick mat but do they stick to the floor?

    Laura W

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