Which Lick Pad Is Best For Your Dog?

There are several types of Lick Pads For Dogs and in this blog we are going to introduce you to them and give you the facts about each Lick Pad so you can make the best decision for you and your dog. We would love to say, this is best for this breed or this is best for that type of temperament but the truth is, we’ve seen these work on dogs that people have said they failed. We have seen them fail where others have said they flourished. It’s all up to you and your dog. You may decide you would rather have a lickimat that is shaped like a bowl so you can feed food and then your dog can have a lickimat snack after. So, instead of saying this is best for this behavior or breed we are just going to give you the facts about each Lick Pad. 


Note: Lickimat and Lickit Buddy are two different companies that use different materials to produce the Lick Pad. 

Let’s start off with key benefits of Lick Pads for Dogs

Slows meal times to a fraction of previous meals

Redirects Licking Habits to a safe place to lick, instead of the couch, floors, or dirt

Plain and Simple: It gives your dog something to do. It’s like giving a child a movie

Gives your dog something to look forward to.

Free from toxins like BPA, PHThalates, PVC

Licking a Lick pad will calm your dog during storms or fireworks

Great for grooming

Distraction while you trim nails or while the guests enter

Stick to vet exam tables for easier Vet Visits

 Lickimat Soother is a square mat that has tiny raised dots on the front and it does not have suction cups on the back. It measures 8”x 8” comes in 5 colors. This mat is made from TPR which is synthetic rubber. This is great for dogs who have latex allergies. It does exactly what its name implies, it soothes and provides extra tongue stimulation which helps clean your dogs tongue and freshen breath.  The soother is the most challenging design making it perfect for the dog that is enrichment savvy. The soother is great for xylitol free peanut butter, yogurt, fish, broth, cottage cheese, unsweetened apple sauce etc.

Lickimat Wobble comes in 1 size and 5 colors we will have all colors by the end of the year. 

Lickimat Wobble is a 2-in-1 Lickimat. You can use it as a food bowl and Lickimat. Like having dinner and a long lasting snack after. We recommend that every owner get one of these. It wobbles when they lick and they love when it moves. The wobble is perfect for feeding raw diets, main meals, or just to combine the three. Main meal, raw feeding and a lickimat in one setting. Making it the Ultimate Lickimat. 


The Lickit buddy original Comes in 2 sizes 6” diameter and 8” diameter and 6 colors

It is a round lick mat with a bones design on the front and 37-61 suction cups on the back. This pad is a great option for both very small and very large dogs. The lickit buddy suctions to most surfaces and is a wonderful way to distract your dog for brushing, bathing, nail trims and vet visits. The suction cups stick best to glass, metal, tile and non porous surfaces, but also serve as traction if you place it on carpet to prevent it from sliding.

The Lickimat Buddy  Comes in 2 sizes medium and large 8” x 8” and 11” x 11” and 2 colors 

The cross design on the Lickimat buddy allows for more food, and especially works well for raw ground meat, freeze dried foods and canned food.  This mat comes in two sizes 8x8 inches and a larger size 11x11 inches making it great for large and small dogs. The smaller size also comes in a TUFF version which was designed for dogs who are known to chew.

Lickimat Slomo 

Comes in one size and 1 color

Designed to be a slow feeder and lickimat combined. Great for feeding raw diets. 

This mat is divided into four quadrants two for spreading soft foods such as raw meat, yogurt, peanut butter etc and two for hard foods such as kibble or tasty treats. This mat is 8x8 inches, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and a great option for dogs who are known to chew and freezer safe.

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