What Is A Lickit Buddy™️?

A Lickit Buddy is a family of a Lick Pads for dogs designed & produced by certified dog trainers Jeff C, CTDI, ABCDT and April Schrader, CPDT-KA of Best Buddy Dog Products. Our lick pads are unique in their shape and their purpose & all of our lick pads are made with dozens of suction cups on the back. 

The suction cups: 

Keep your dog from dragging the lick pad around the house, making a mess.

Keep your dog from chewing the lick pad.

Keep the lick pad from sliding around. 

Keep it in place while you train, groom, or examine your dog

Elevate the lick pad further slowing the feeding process by putting the dog in an irregular feeding position. Usually they have their noses to the ground. Suction cup your lick pad higher and you keep their heads level while eating. 

Toxin Free! Made W/ Silicone ONLY

All Lickit Buddy products are made with one ingredient: SILICONE!! 

That means it's safe for dogs with LATEX allergies.

No BPA, No PHThalates, No PVC

Makes the Lick Pad Heat Resistant. You can boil all Lickit Buddy products to sanitize or to help with cleaning. Microwave and Truly Top Rack Dishwasher safe. You could use your Lickit Buddy as a pot holder in a pinch.

Easy To Clean

Boil your Lickit Buddy first and you should see most of the food come off that way then you can simply rinse off and all food particles will fall off without a fight. 

Use a brush or old toothbrush to get in between the designs on the front. 

or Toss in the Dish Washer. 

We Have 4 Lickit Buddy™️ Products

1.  Original - Comes in 2 sizes: 6 in. diameter & 8 in. diameter

The Original Lickit Buddy small (6") has [37 Suction cups], is a lick pad for small dogs, toy dogs, cats and kittens, & mini pigs, raccoons, rats, birds. 

The Original Lickit Buddy Large (8") has [51 Suction Cups], is a lick pad for medium to large dogs, large pigs, ponies, horses. 


 2. Focus™️ - Comes in 5 colors & 1 size: [8 in. by 8 in]. - Square Shaped

The Lickit Buddy Focus has [100 Suction Cups], tiny raised bones on the front & this lick pad for dogs was designed to help your dog focus more on the mat than what is going on around them. Distract your dog during storms, fireworks, grooming sessions or scary vet visits with our Lickit Buddy Focus

 3. The Relax - comes in 6 colors - Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, & Glow in the Dark - Pineapple Shaped - 1 size: [Height: 11" X Width: 8"]

The Lickit Buddy Relax has 63 Suction cups, and deep square pockets that trap the food, helps your dog relax after a long day, slows meal times down & is a lick pad shaped like a pineapple. Beat the summer time heat & give your dog a cool snack with our pineapple Lickit Buddy Relax. 

This Lick pad is great for dogs that have a liquid diet

Holds an entire meal. The Relax holds the most food out of all of our lick pads. Use wet or dry food. 

4. The Rescue - Comes in 1 size & was designed to help us give back to rescues and shelters in our community. 5% of all Lickit Buddy Rescue proceeds go to rescues and shelters. 

The Lickit Buddy Rescue has 53 Suction cups on the back and XO design on the front to symbol the love we share with people who help animals! That's why we are giving back. We are certified dog trainers and many of our clients have dogs from shelters or rescues and we want to give back. 


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