Our Top 4 Lickimats For Feeding Raw Food To Dogs?

Feeding your dog a raw diet can be a chore to say the least. It can be messy, smelly, and down right disgusting. But, it yields such good benefits for dogs that some owners are pushing through the bloody mess and we're here to show you a way you can feed your dogs their raw meals in a fun innovative way.

We are of course talking about lick pads with suction cups and Lickimat Classics as well as Lickimat Tuffs.

Yes, you can feed raw with a lick pad for dogs. It's easy and can be done with any lick pad but, some licking mats work much better than others. In this blog, we are going to share our best lick pads for feed raw food to your dog.

1. Lickimat Wobble - No brainer. It's a bowl and a Lickimat so you can have your Lickimat treat on the bottom and your raw food on top. That makes this our #1 winner for dogs on a raw diet

2. Lickimat Tuff Buddy - Quickly take raw fish and grade it over the cross design for a quick raw fish snack. Works great with sardines. Take a whole fish and start rubbing it over the cross design and it will help crush up and catch the meat between the design on the Lickimat. 

3. Lickimat Tuff Playdate - This lick pad can hold larger amounts of liquid like raw eggs, or juices from raw meat unthawing, than the Lickimat Buddy or Tuff Buddy can. 

4. Lickimat Slomo - This Lick pad has 4 different areas that hold the raw food that separates the meats, grains, eggs, fish eyes, or mix them all together. 


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