Top 5 Tips For Teaching Awesome Recalls


Nothing is more frustrating that having a dog who will not come when called, or immediately bolts when you take the leash off.   Having a reliable recall is one of the most important skills you can teach your dog, but it can be challenging.  Each time we ask our dogs to come when called we are asking them to stop whatever it is that they are doing, think about how hard that is for us as humans to do.  I am going to give you some tips to get your dog to want to stop what he is doing and come running to you. 

  1. Choose a word that you are going to use to call your dog, and it should not be their name.  Why? Because your dogs name should mean to look at you and give you attention.
  1. Figure out what your dogs favorite foods are, Why? Because if you want your dog to come running when called it has to be for good reason.  Yes your dog may love his kibble but probably not enough to leave whatever he is doing to come to you. You have to think of it from your dogs perspective, if someone asked you to leave your favorite tv show to go do the dishes you would likely say “no” but if someone offered to cook you your favorite meal for washes the dishes you would at least think about doing them, Right? 
  1. Condition the Recall word: To condition a word simply means to teach your dog what the word means, and what it means is if you come to me something good will happen.  For 1 minute (set a timer) you are going to say the recall word then give your dog a treat, say the word and feed a treat until the timer is up.  Repeat this 1 minute exercise 3x per day 
  1. The next step should be done inside your house not outside. In either an open area or a hallway toss a treat about 5 feet away from you, as soon as they eat the treat say the recall word (one time) when they come to you mark them with a word like “yes” then feed them 3-5 treats one at a time.  Repeat this for 3 minutes 3x per day, gradually increasing the distance that you toss the treat away from you. 
  1. Practice your recall in new areas, inside and outside of your home for a few weeks.  Then it will be time to grab your 30 foot leash and practice in the real world. 


If you practice recalls daily you will have a dog who excitedly comes when called. 


What do you need for a awesome recall: 


30 foot leash 

Treat Pouch

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