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Did You Know, Air Can Kill Your Dog When Swallowed?

Do you have a dog that devours their food in seconds almost like they've inhaled their food in one gulp? It doesn't just look bad, it can actually cause your dog major harm and even death.

When a dog eats too fast they inhale air with their food. That air is very very dangerous for a dog to inhale into their stomachs because It can cause their stomachs to get too full and when they start to play and jump around their stomachs can flip, tying off their intestines and stopping any food from getting out and it obviously will stop any food or water from getting in as well. 

The only way to correct it is surgery, unless somehow their stomach flips back over and corrects itself by chance. If neither one of those things happens and happens fast, your dog will lose their life. FROM EATING TOO FAST. 

This is why it is important to teach your dog to take in food a different way instead of just gulping it down, out of a bowl. 

NOTE: Larger dogs are more prone to getting bloat but, it does happen to medium dogs as well though. Always make sure your dog does not do any vigorous running or playing after eating a full meal. 

1. Snuffle Mats - For those who only feed dry kibble, this is our #1 choice for you. You can add 2 cups of food at a time and your dog will have to get only a couple pieces at a time

2. Hide small piles of food around your house if it is raining. 

3. Feeding Square - Take your dog's food and spread it out in a clean area of your yard in a 5' X 5' area - The more you do this the better your dog will get and the faster they will eat which means that you need to make your feeding square bigger and bigger each week. I would do one week at the same size before moving up especially if you aren't doing the feeding square every single day. 

4. Lick pads - If your dog eats canned food or if you are okay with turning your dry kibble into a paste then you can spread your dogs main meal across a lick pad or do like us and divide it across 3 or 4 and spread it out when you need to have your dog calm like during a bath, or when you need to do a conference call, or a zoom meeting. 


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