Bath Time Struggles: How To Get Your Dog To Love Taking Baths

If your dog hates baths like mine then you are definitely at your wits end and need a fix, fast! Most dogs are having a hard time with the bath because of the running water and the unstable surface of the bottom of the tub. 

Your dog's hearing is 100 times better than ours. Have you hear how loud the water is when you are filling up the bath tub? Dog's hear that running water and it sounds so much louder than what we are hearing and it can hurt your dog's ears. 

For most dogs, standing on an unstable or slippery surface is scary and they do not like to do it. Other dogs do not like the sound of their nails on the tub. 

Here's what you can do to get your dog to LOVE taking baths! 


1) Take your dog in the bath room without running water and play tug of war, or train them on a fun behavior they love doing (only do fun easy behaviors), or just take your dog in there and give them 20 pea size high valued treats like small pieces of leftover steak or cheese if your dog loves cheese. This will teach your dog that the bathroom is a fun and exciting place and that you aren't ALWAYS giving them a bath when they go in there. This will help you get your dog in the bathroom very easily if they already do not like going in there. 

2) Put a towel on the bottom of the tub and soak it down so it doesn't slide around. The towel is going to feel comfortable and stable to your dog when they get in the bath. 

3) Turn the water on and start feeding your dog treats one after another, one at a time do not give your dog all the treats in one bite. You need to stretch your treats out and you can even break one treat in half. It's about quantity here. The more treats your dog thinks they are getting the quicker they start loving the water.

Turn water on = feed dog treats Turn water off = no treats. 

This teaches your dog that the running water equals good stuff! Dogs learn through associations. Associate the scary running water with their favorite treat. 

If your dog doesn't mind getting in the bath but they don't really like to be washed or they are squirming around making it hard to wash them then skip the steps above. 

Use a Lickit Buddy lick pad to occupy/distract your dog while you wash them. 

The Lickit Buddy has suction cups on the back that hold it in place. 

Smear peanut butter on the Lick pad and stick it on the wall and wash your dog while they are licking the Lickit Buddy.



PEANUT BUTTER! As long as its made for dogs it's okay! P.B. that we eat has too much sugar for dogs. You can give your dog diabetes by feeding P.B. for humans. We offer a xylitol-free peanut butter for dogs. 


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