3 EASY Lickimat Recipes to Keep Your Puppy COOL & CALM This Summer!

3 EASY Lickimat Recipes to Keep Your Puppy COOL & CALM This Summer!

Did You Know? Your dog runs an average temperature of 101-102.5℉ so, when you think it’s hot outside, your puppy thinks it’s REALLY REALLY HOT outside! Since dogs cool down through their tongues you can help your dog keep a cool temperature even on a hot summer day.

To help fight the heat we have 3 Lickimat Recipes to cool AND calm your puppy on a hot Summer day!

We’re using Lickimat Slomos for these recipes because they hold the most food which means they last longer.

Licking is a calming mechanism dogs/puppies do when they are stressed and overheating is stressful and frustrating for humans and it’s no different for your dog/puppy. So instead of just putting these recipes in a bowl, we’re putting them on Lickimats they can lick off making it a long-lasting treat that will cool your puppy while keeping them occupied and calm.

Trainer Tip: You do not have to be outside for your puppy to overheat. These recipes are very effective at keeping puppies cool outside but, don’t underestimate how hot a puppy can get inside too. 

1st Lickimat Recipe: PUPPY ICE CREAM for the Lickimat Slomo

To make Puppy Ice Cream you need 4 ingredients. 

  1. Xylitol Free Peanut Butter 
  2. Pureed Pumkin - Plain no seasonings
  3. Greek Yogurt
  4. Banana 
  5. Lickimat Tuff Buddy

Instructions: Mix your puppy ice cream ingredients in a bowl first then spread on your Lickimat Slomo and Freeze! 

2nd Lickimat & Lickit Buddy Relax Recipe: Vanilla Goat’s Milk 

 3 Ingredients 

  1. Vanilla Extract 
  2. Goat’s Milk
  3. Lickit Buddy Relax

Instructions: add some vanilla extract to your goats milk and spread over your Lickimat and freeze for 2 hours or until solid.

3rd Lickimat Recipe: Tropical Freeze! 

4 Ingredients: 

  1. Pureed Watermelon
  2. Pureed Pineapple
  3. Chopped Ice
  4. Lickimat Slomo

Instructions: Blend together until you get a slushy consistency and then pour into the Lickimat slomo and freeze

For more Lickimat Recipes check out this blog: What to put on your Lickimat

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