Which Lick Pad Is Best For Your Dog?

There are several types of Lick Pads For Dogs and in this blog we are going to introduce you to them and give you the facts about each Lick Pad so you can make the best decision for you and your dog. We would love to say, this is best for this breed or this is best for that type of temperament but the truth is, we’ve seen these work on dogs that people have said they failed. We have seen them fail where others have said they flourished. It’s all up to you and your dog. You may decide you would rather have a lickimat that is shaped like a bowl so you can feed food and then your dog can have a lickimat snack after. So, instead of saying this is best for this behavior or breed we are just going to give you the facts about each Lick Pad. 

Why you should NEVER discourage digging

Encourage digging in this area by actually digging yourself, hiding bones, throwing treats in this area. You should also mark and reward your dog for digging in this area and do your best to ignore your dog or prevent your dog from digging in the other areas


#1 Waiting for the dog to come back inside to give the treat #2 Not going outside to see EXACTLY what the dog did. #3 TALKING when you are waiting for your dog to use the bathroom #4 Not having the RIGHT VALUE of treats to reward going outside #5 Not bringing rewards with you outside.

Potty Training Plan | BBDP

In order to teach your dog not to “go” in your house you have to teach your dog that “going” outside is more rewarding.  That is your challenge. Teach your dog to hold it and not let it go inside and preferably to “go” in a certain area and on cue.  The trick is to make your dog think that “going” outside is the best thing that ever happened to them. And that isn’t done with praise. 

What is a Lickimat?

Repetitive licking releases pleasurable and calming endorphins in dogs and other pets and is the equivalent to how a person feels that natural high after running or exercising. That’s how dogs feel when they lick. Our pets understand that feeling and will seek out that feeling through licking other things. 

Lick Pad Recipes

In these recipes we are going to use 3 bases, Fruits, Veggies, and supplement oil like fish oil or coconut oil.  You can either use one base to cover the entire lick mat or you can use one base on one side and one base on another. Once you have your base, then add toppings, freeze and serve. 

Is Peanut Butter Bad For Dogs?

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What is a clicker and how do you use it?

So what is a clicker? A clicker is a device used for dog training that makes a clicking sound when you press it.  Th...

Socializing Your Dog | Tips & Places To Go

This blog is all about giving you ideas about where to take your pup/dog o socialize, build confidence, and explore.  There are many more places you could go but, these are just a few we recommend to our dog training clients and it's the same guideline we follow with our own puppies. 

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation Anxiety is one of the most common problems in dogs today. If your dog show signs of distress and exhibits behavior problems when left alone then your dog may have separation anxiety   Examples of dogs displaying separation anxiety Digging at doors  Destroying doorways, curtains, glass window, crate

Why Your Dog Needs A Snuffle Mat

The reason why the snuffle mat works so well is because dogs have an innate desire to forage, hunt, sniff, burrow, dig, and explore their surroundings for food, animals, new scents, or for just straight up boredom. If they have nothing to do they get into "trouble". Here are some other Key Benefits to the Snuffle Mat ✅ Slows meal times down ✅ Eliminates the risk of bloat through eating ✅ Reduces stress during storms or fireworks  ✅ Replaces a metal bowl for meals ✅ It's equal to giving your child a movie when bored.  ✅ Occupies or distracts your dog while you clean, eat dinner, or watch t.v. 

Why does my dog lick me?

Why do dogs lick? Dogs lick for various reasons. Your dog thoroughly enjoys licking your face, your leg, your pants, your arm, and even the back of your knee caps, especially the back of your knee caps. Dogs love to lick. Point blank period
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