The Lickit Buddy Rescue | Our Way Of Giving Back

The Lickit Buddy Rescue | Our Way Of Giving Back

Jeffrey Causby
3 minute read

The Lickit Buddy Rescue is not your ordinary lick pad for dogs and shouldn't be treated as such. This lick pad is our way of giving back and help out Rescues and Shelters helping and saving countless dogs, cats or any other animal. Those places are what we became dog trainers for. We believe that a well trained dog will stay out of a shelter faster and longer than a dog who has had no formal training. As certified dog trainers we made a living off of training dogs from Rescues and Shelters and that is our main reason for producing this lick pad the Lickit Buddy Rescue. We donate. 5% of all proceeds and you can join our fight to help others who are not as fortunate as we have been over the past 10 years. 

The Lickit Buddy Rescue is shaped like a heart and has an XO pattern on the front with over 50 suction cups on the back. 

You can suction this lick pad to:

Your Vet's exam table during Vet visits. 

Sliding glass doors in your house - distract while you brush or trim nails

Car windows - helps with reactivity in the car (barking, growling, lunging, destroying seats, etc)

Fridge - Our lick pads stick to nearly any and everything but we like to stick them to the fridge so that we can use as a slow feeder. When your dog eats with their head lifted it slows them down even further than if it were on the ground.

Bathtub - This one is obvious but, we love to use Lickit Buddies in the bath since they have super suction power with dozens of suction cups. It distracts as we bathe and now our dogs BEG to go in the bathroom and if we leave the door open they go in there and jump in the tub looking for their lick pad. Incredible!

Tile - You can place it on floor tile or bathroom tile 

The Lickit Buddy Rescue lick pad for dogs entertains AND reduces stress & boredom. It shines in the grooming area but doubles as an aid in behavioral adjustment training. With over 50  suction cups you can leave this with your dog and feel safe knowing it is going to stay on the area you placed it. Please note that you must clean the area with water before sticking the lick pad to it. We recommend cleaning the area then leaving it a little damp or give it a quick spritz of water to get the area wet which will help it suction longer. We have seen them stay suctioned for 4-6 hours. 




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