Lickimat® Tuff™️ Soother™️

The Lickimat® Tuff™️ Soother™️ is one of strongest Lickimats®! With tiny dots raised on the front that trap tiny bits of food the Tuff Soother will make your dog's treats last 10X LONGER!

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Lickimat® Slomo™️

Lickimat® Slomo™️ is our strongest, most versatile Lickimat we offer. In our opinion, Slomo is king. It lasts the longest, eastiest to clean, and best bang for your buck.

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Lickimat® Tuff™️ Buddy

Licking releases endorphins making the Tuff Buddy the top product for anxious, stressed & calming hyper dogs. Great for feeding raw diets! The Food gets trapped in the design making it last longer!

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Lickit Buddy® Relax™️

The Relax is a Lick pad with suction cups on the back. Spread PB or any soft treat and stick it to any smooth & clean surface. Great for Grooming, Vet Visits, and Fireworks!

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