Lickimat® Slomo™️

Lickimat® Slomo™️ is our strongest, most versatile Lickimat we offer. In our opinion, Slomo is king. It lasts the longest, eastiest to clean, and best bang for your buck.

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Lickimat® Soother™️ Classic

By far, this is our dog's favorite Lickimat and our #1 seller and for good reason too! The Soother's design was created to trap tiny bits of food and it soothes your dog as they lick. Licking releases endorphins making the Soother the top product for anxious, stressed or hyper dogs.

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Lickit Buddy® Relax™️

The Relax is a Lick pad with suction cups on the back. This Lick pad is perfect for grooming, vet visits, & anytime you need to keep your dog in one place, while entertaining and distracting at the same time. Slap some pb on it and stick it to your Vet's exam table or your bathtub for an easier bath!

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Lickimat® Tuff™️ Soother™️

The Lickimat® Tuff™️ Soother™️ is one of strongest Lickimats®! With tiny dots raised on the front that trap tiny bits of food the Tuff Soother will make your dog's treats last 10X LONGER! Great for long-lasting distraction, separation anxiety and daily enrichment. Perfect for dogs that are on raw or wet food diets.

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