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Lickimat Wobble | Lick mat bowl

Lickimat Wobbles are like having a licking mat and a feeding bowl in one product! Entertains & Reduces Stress & Boredom

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Lickimat® Tuff Playdate™️

The Toughest & Most Durable Lick Mat. Plus this model holds the most food without spilling. The bottom is hard TPR & the top is Soft Rubber Like TPR.


Lickit Buddy 'Relax'

This Lick Pad has 66 suction cups on the back. Made from 100% food-grade silicone. 11" tall 6.25" Wide. Great for feeding raw or wet food or just PB. Perfect distraction when you are grooming, cleaning or at the Vet's Office.

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Lickimat Splash

The Splash Lickimat is perfect for grooming or keeping your dog in one area without stress or anxiety. It has one giant suction cup on the back and is made from real rubber. The Splash's suction is strong enough to pull a car!

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The latest from our blog:

Bath Time Struggles: How To Get Your Dog To Love Taking Baths

Jeffrey Causby

If your dog hates baths like mine then you are definitely at your wits end and need a fix, fast! Most dogs are having a hard time with the bath because of the running water and the unstable surface of the bottom of the tub. 

8 Tips for Baby Proofing Your Dog

April Schrader

1. Introduce your dog to baby sounds crying, cooing etc: Prepare your dog for cooing and crying noises that your baby...

Did You Know, Air Can Kill Your Dog When Swallowed?

Jeffrey Causby

Do you have a dog that devours their food in seconds almost like they've inhaled their food in one gulp? It doesn't just look bad, it can actually cause your dog major harm and even death.

Top 5 Tips For Teaching Awesome Recalls

April Schrader

  Nothing is more frustrating that having a dog who will not come when called, or immediately bolts when you take the...

The Lickit Buddy Rescue | Our Way Of Giving Back

Jeffrey Causby

The Lickit Buddy Rescue lick pad for dogs entertains AND reduces stress & boredom. It shines in the grooming area but doubles as an aid in behavioral adjustment training. With over 50  suction cups you can leave this with your dog and feel safe knowing it is going to stay on the area you placed it. Please note that you must clean the area with water before sticking the lick pad to it. We recommend cleaning the area then leaving it a little damp or give it a quick spritz of water to get the area wet which will help it suction longer. We have seen them stay suctioned for 4-6 hours. 

What Is A Lickit Buddy™️?

Jeffrey Causby

A Lickit Buddy is a family of a Lick Pads for dogs designed & produced by certified dog trainers Jeff C, CTDI, AB...
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